I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Gulf Coast Marine Construction and Restoration. These guys did some phenomenal work at my house here the last few days. They were quick to respond when I called, gave me up to date responses on any questions I had, and did an unbelievable job on my Pensacola Dock Repair.

I had a small repair that needed to be fixed on my dock. We had a piling in the water that had been eaten by “ship worms” These small organisms are the saltwater termites. GCMCAR did a great job inspecting all the pilings and told me exactly which ones needed to be fixed. Once they did the one piling that was priority, they then showed me video proof of what was going on in the other areas of the dock that needed attention.

Once they were finished they told me the price and I could not believe how adffordable it was. This business is an all around good business. Friendly staff with a great product. You guys be sure to get with them if you ever need any wood work done to you property. Here is their website- https://www.gulfcoastmarineconstructionandrestoration.com/