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Meet The Author

Christina Gutierrez is a 43 year old woman from central Florida where she spent most of her days helping her farther on the farm. While Cattle was a dominant industry on the farm Christina also had a giant citrus orchard, which at the time, was her favorite thing about the farm. They had just about any kind of citrus plant you could imagine and with all that came great pride in the fact she had started this orchard and to this day she still owns and operates that farm.

The crazy thing about Christina is how she was in a small farm town with nothing more than a farm and somehow she managed to become a successful blog writer. She has wrote tons of blogs on farming, outdoors hiking, hunting, and fishing in the great state of Florida. That is why she decided to start this blog in hopes to bring some light some of the great things Florida has to offer. She also wants this website to be a very informative of all the great things this country has to offer. From using it as a outdoors writer, or even if she encounters a great business she deals with she wants the world to know the positivism of the great American workers out there and wants them to be heard!